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Desolventiser Toaster

Desolventiser Toaster

Desolventiser Toaster

Capacity: 60 TPD to 1500 TPD

Desolventiser Toaster is designed for efficient desolventising of extracted meal.

Its is a cylindrical multistage vessel with bottom jacketed for desolventising and toasting the extracted meal, with the help of live steam following counter currently.

Mechanical/Pneumatic level controlling system maintains minimum bed height for complete desolventisation within short contact time.





Capacity: 60 TPD to 500TPD

Extractor is a horizontal model compromising articulated belt conveyor assembly, which transports the feed with a slow pre-determined speed, with an adjustable damper screw to maintain the bed height.

Series of solvent sprays through a distributor, sprays evenly throughout the bed height.




Heat Exchangers

Capacity: 30 M2 to 500 M2

These are normally shell and tube type of heat exchangers, either floating head type or fixed head type, depending upon the requirement.

Internal SS 304 tubes will be present, depending upon the heat transfer area.




Preparatory Section

Flaker: 2 Roll Flakers are provided with hydraulic adjustment system to produce well prepared flakes for efficient extraction. The rolls are made of chilled casting.


 No. Of Rolls
 Motor H.P.
2 X 25
2 X 40
2 X 50
2 X 60

Cracker: 2 & 4 Rolls grooved crackers are provided with gap adjustment for uniform cracking of the oil seeds with minimum fines. These rolls are also of chilled casting.


10-20 100 150 200 300

No. Of Rolls

2 4 4 4 4


Pressure Leaf Filter

Omega Pressure Leaf Filters are of 5 layers design, having Filteration media on both sides and supporting Screens inside are riveted to heavy duty channel which collects and conveys the filtrate to common Manifold.


  1. Edible oil

  2. Mineral Oil

  3. Chemicals

  4. Pharmaceuticals

  5. Wax Filtration

Specifications of Pressure Leaf Filter:

The most economical type of pressure leaf filter is equipped with vertical rectangular filter leaves. These leaves are mounted vertically and connected to a filtrate manifold at bottom of the filter tank. Depending on the applications, this filter is equipped with a pneumatic vibrator or for dry cake discharge or oscillating spray header for wet cake discharge, or both.

Filter Leaves:

The filter leaf is the most important part of the filter. Every leaf has its own discharge nozzle, which is placed in the horizontally mounted manifold. As filtration takes place on both sides, a large filtration area is obtained in a relatively small housing.

Because of perfect combination, no deposit of the filter aid particles or impurities is possible inside frame. Provision 'o' ring ensure a perfect seal.

A filter leaf consists of several layers of mesh. The inner layer is a coarse mesh for discharge of the filtrate and the support of the outer layers. Several layers - five and above, are used for support of the gauge, depending upon individual needs.

A minimum pressure drop inside the leaves is guaranteed even at high filtration rates.

We can undertake fabrication supply of these filters with area from 2 sq. mtr. to 85 sq. mtr.

Sr. No Filter Area
sq. mtr.
No. of
Shell O.D.
in mm
in mm
Discharge outlet in mm
1 5 6 610 OD 2500 300
2 10 9 910 OD 2500 300
3 15 9 1075 OD 2500 400
4 20 11 1075 OD 2500 400
5 25 11 1210 OD 2800 400
6 30 15 1210 OD 3000 400
7 40 17 1400 OD 3000 400
8 50 17 1500 OD 3000 500


  Other spares in which we deal with are:
  1. Total mechanical of Desolventiser Toaster & Extractor




  2. Conveyor Elevators and their mechanicals




  3. Other equipments of solvent extractor plants and refineries.



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